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Pony-Hop Stuff!!

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ponyhop for teens
ponyhop for adults

Pony-hop Racetrack
12mW x 15mL x 4mH gables
Use with Ponies for teens and adults
10years to adults

Pony-Hop Racetrack
4 ponies - one racetrack
Burst out of the gates and race to the finish.
Awesome fun for 21st parties
Great for team building

ponyhop for young kids
ponyhop for young kids

Race Track is ideal for schools and larger venues
Use with jumpees for younger riders-
3- 7yrs
5 Jumpees included FREE.

5 jumpers - one racetrack
Dont get a speed wobble!

Pony-hop ponies for kids.

Extra Jumpees available
5 for R250